lost 50 x 50 cm

lovely poem inspired by this painting, click on the link below:



17 Comments on “lost”

  1. Shards Of DuBois says:

    I be thinking….already……lol are you sick of me yet??? hehe ANOTHER cool piece… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Shards Of DuBois says:

    ok, hope I didn’t go too dark…. be sure to let me know what you really think, you know I’ll just come up with another one….hehe

  3. doronart says:

    Katleen, love this one great atmosphere colour range and very stormy.

  4. So much dimension in this work! Excellent.

  5. PK says:

    This piece is beautiful, the color must remind me of something in my childhood. Just lovely. You’re so talented. Have you shown anywhere?

  6. it makes me feel the infinite

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