can’t stay

can’t stay 60 x 70 cm


21 Comments on “can’t stay”

  1. soonie2 says:

    Magnificent! I love the title too.

  2. exiledprospero says:

    This reminded me of a scene from “Mirror.”

    Tarkovsky goes from a wide shot of the house to a close shot of a couple in the grass without cutting–followed by a ballet of matching zooms and tracking shots and glorious music.

  3. Fantastic composition. Wonderful!

  4. great use of the combination of color its beautiful

  5. I like the composition very much; it is powerful and the colors add drama to the emotional scene.

  6. Marieke says:

    Ik voel me aangesproken door de compositie, de kleuren, de uitbeelding van het gevoel niet te kunnen blijven en mijn eigen weg te willen gaan…

  7. Liked this one and seems like a detail of a much larger painting which made me think beyond this which makes it like a poem that stimulates afterthoughts. Thanks visit my blog.

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