broken wing

broken wing 70 x 60 cm


14 Comments on “broken wing”

  1. reminds me of the Michael Angelo’s sistine chapel ceiling… not quite touching, the little wing hand on the right looks like a childs…super cool Katleen!

  2. Jackie says:

    I really like these a lot!

  3. If I were rich enough for a summer home, these would look awesome in it. I love the action of the strokes. They’re calming, but also electric.

  4. exiledprospero says:

    Looking up angelology in a section of my library, accessible only by climbing to vertiginous heights on an unsteady ladder, and next to several dusty leatherbound books by Jung (and look, here is one by Lacan), I realize that you are referring to the flight appendages of birds. Still, any broken wing ought to have some fatiloquent significance.

    P.S. I took a photograph of a tree yesterday, and it reminded me of your work.

  5. teileag says:

    I just discovered your paintings, Katleen, and am quite stunned! Wonderful colours, themes I would like to explore more… Thank you for sharing these!! I love the Broken Wing, it reminds
    me of my son. His broken wing is healing now :-)…

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