heart bark

heart bark 40 x 40 cm

lovely poem inspired by this painting:



10 Comments on “heart bark”

  1. oooh, nice one…the title alone gets me going….lol

  2. exiledprospero says:

    Beautiful. And so well titled, too.

  3. janeggg says:

    loving the colours here, now following, thanks for stopping by the big thumb xxxxx

  4. Ives Salbert says:

    Kathleen, your mark making and color choices are incredible!

  5. Ives Salbert says:

    Whoops. Sorry. Katleen! This auto correct is no good sometimes 🙂

    • sent me your comment again, since this is not my mother tongue, I’m not in to correct your comment in the wrong way 😉
      it is a bit strange that once you click you have no chance to correct what you wrote
      but yess, that’s happening to me also

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