longing for spring

longing for spring 40 x 30 cm


14 Comments on “longing for spring”

  1. Marvelous dimension, intrigue, expression-beautiful.

  2. exiledprospero says:

    I see, in a vague disguise, an impatient winter face imprinted stealthily on the canvas ( though that is probably owing to my pareidolia or my frustrating inability to distinguish the real from the imagined). Everyday life is so inhospitable to such fanciful revelations.

  3. exiledprospero says:

    It’s a shared delusion (and a frighteningly easy contagion to spread). (I wonder who wrote this?)

  4. This is a wonderful work. warm and easy to view. Great content and composition. Thank you for sharing…….

  5. teileag says:

    I keep returning to this because I’m quite intrigued by the colours you chose. For me, winter is white, grey and black and spring green, blue, yellow… I can see those spring colours breaking through, I can see the face of Bride behind the veil but the overall colours are what I associate more with autumn and still, the feeling of wanting winter to end and spring to break through comes across! love it…

    • thanks for sharing your thoughts on the play of colors in this painting, I think it just happened while painting that I gave shape at the feeling of the gentle warmth of the early spring sun on our face when winter has last long enough

  6. Here where I live in Northeast, we’re still “longing for spring” 🙂 Your painting so accurately demonstrates the cold nights with cloudy days as the sun so desperately tries to peak through the clouds.

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