thunder sun

thunder sun 30 x 24 cm


10 Comments on “thunder sun”

  1. exiledprospero says:

    I like your cross-sensual title; it fits the canvas perfectly–fledgling steaks of aurulent sunshine hiding behind the tumult of an unforgiving sky.

    • katleenj says:

      Thanks for your lovely comment! I like the color of your vocabulary and the way of looking at my work. When a painting is finished sometimes a title pops up and when I can’t get it out of my mind (maybe because it just feels like that), it may stay…

  2. YAPCaB says:

    Do you ever sell your art? This piece for example?

  3. beautiful! I could feel it!

  4. This is beautiful.
    Thanks for stopping by over at Not Dabbling in Normal today!

  5. epsilon says:

    VERY nice work! I love it!!

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