mother and window

mother and window 100 x 80 cm


7 Comments on “mother and window”

  1. Maria Duytschaever says:

    Ha Katleen , een heel vrolijk tafereeltje, het vraagt blijkbaar inspanning van het drietal

    om zonder ongelukken buiten (of binnen) te geraken, en de details zijn ook nuttig!

    Weeral goed gelukt, dada dikke kus, ons moeke.M.D.

  2. aloha KatleenJ – i appreciate the detail(s) you show. i like to see the effect of a painting (by stepping back and seeing it all in one at the right distance) and yet also be able to get up close to see how that effect was accomplished. – so thank you for including the detail.

    your work like this has so much story in it. i like that too. way fun. aloha.

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