head up


head up 13 x 18 cm

lovely poem inspired by this painting:



12 Comments on “head up”

  1. I see her hidden by blue shaded tresses….LOVE THIS ONE!!! I could stare at it for hours!!!

    • katleenj says:

      Thanks for looking so much to my work and sharing your thoughts! Your comments are very inspiring!

      • I just couldn’t stop looking at them…. I hope you’re showing them in a gallery somewhere… they are exceptional!

      • katleenj says:

        your very kind, this blog is a way to get feedback on my work, one day the rest might follow… wish you loads of inspiration for 2013

      • I would like to write some poems to go with your paintings, if you don’t mind. Would that bother you? 🙂

      • katleenj says:

        I love poetry who’s strength lies in picturing in daily words the beauty of life. If this could be a challenge for you, I’ll love to read your poem(s) inspired by my painting(s). It would be nice if you manage to link back to my blog if people click on the painting. Thanks for your enthusiasm.

      • oh shoot, now I’ll have to figure that out! lol I was thinking I would just include your link, and label it “My Muse” or something, so they’d have to GO to your site…but let me see what this theme will allow me to do. and I’ll let ya know…before I do it. 🙂

      • katleenj says:

        Your idea is perfect! You may always explore the possibilities of the theme you use, for me that’s also a challenge… Good luck.

      • Ok, well, I tried….I did “Breathing”…. only problem is when I put the link in, I forgot to type “click here to go to the website”, and now I can’t figure out how to add it, next to the title. lol Oh well, you can still click on the purple link and it will take you to your site. next time I’ll know to type it in while creating it….no going back…lol
        Let me know if this is ok, using the actual painting…or if you only want me to use the link??? Let me know asap, and I’ll take it down if you want me to. 🙂

  2. ecozee says:

    ooh, i love this one, i love red and there is so much to see in it.

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