nest VI 80x80


2 Comments on “nest”

  1. aloha Katleenj

    the metaphor in this is spot on and beautifully created altho the subject and point is haunting to the point of tears.

    overall your work is beautiful (from what I’ve seen), thought provoking and thoughtful.

    I also see an interesting (for me) relationship between some of your brush work and my own at times – altho in different materials and used in different ways. cool on that.

    The small image shown in the side column interests me and fascinates me as well. I see words and lettering in it – possibly working with your name (cool on that). this also relates to things that have interested me over the years in various ways with my own work as well. I have not come to it yet in the blog – but that is okay as I have not yet explored all of your blog – or work.

    I like what you are showing. it also creates (for me) a desire to get back into my brush and paper work more often than I do currently. thank you for that.

    I hope you find as much time pursuing your passion as you desire. aloha

    • katleenj says:

      Hello Rick,
      Thanks for looking with so much attention to my work and for taking the time to write your thoughts about it. The work nest is as you saw, what happens in everyone’s life (for those who take the time for a closer look at the content of the paintings…)
      It is very nice if snooping through my blog makes your desire into your brushes and paper work grow! I feel supported too when other bloggers come along on my blog.
      Keep going and let us know!

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